About Us

About Us

About Kosher Alliance

The Kosher Alliance is unique among all other kosher organizations, as it is part of a non-profit communal organization, so that it can maintain the highest levels of integrity without any possible conflict of interest.

About Us

The Kosher Alliance is one of the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification organization, certifying over thousands of products all over the world. The Kosher Alliance does much more than ensure the highest standards of kosher certification. 

The Kosher Alliance kosher certification programs immediately and universally enhances your product, raising the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.

The Kosher Alliance Rabbinic Field Representatives, located all over the world – from Europe to Australia, from China to South Africa—are proficient in modern food production techniques and chemical and biological processes, no less than the intricacies of Jewish law.

Our staff consists of over 50 Rabbinic Coordinators who serve as account executives for The Kosher Alliance certified companies, supplemented by a roster of ingredient specialists, flavor analysts and other support staff.

The Kosher Alliance computer system stores and tracks over thousands of products information and ingredients. Many of the food industry’s most recognized brands, large and small, choose the Kosher Alliance for their kosher certification.