What is Kosher Alliance?

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What is Kosher Alliance?

The Kosher Alliance is the world’s leading orthodox kosher certification organization that recognized as the global benchmark for kosher standards and integrity.

What is Kosher Alliance?

This outstanding reputation has been achieved through continual improvement and innovation, as well as through first-rate customer support.

The Kosher Alliance operates an international network, so you can rely on our teams of experts to provide specialized kosher certification anywhere in the world.

Our certification services enable you to demonstrate to your customers that your products, processes, and systems are compliant with the highest standards and regulations.

The Kosher Alliance mark is one of the world’s best-known trademarks; it immediately and universally increases company marketability, accountability, and kosher acceptability.

With our unparalleled knowledge, integrity and experience, The Kosher Alliance sets the bar when it comes to kosher certification standards.