Kosher Certification

Kosher certification programs delivers a global solution that is practical to implement, comparable in standard and quality to other recognized food schemes.


Kosher symbols on food are increasingly common sight. An estimated one million products are Kosher certified, and consumers spend over USD 200 billion annually on them. Kosher food certification gives you access to a market that has grown more than 15% in recent years and continues to expand.

Kosher Certification for food, dietary supplements, cosmetic products, etc. documents the accordance to specific purity requirements stipulated in of Halakha in accordance with globally recognised standards.

Kosher certification allows tracing origin and production of a finished product, from individual ingredients to its final form. In short, the kosher symbol on a box confirms that followers of the Jewish faith can safely consume this product.

A comprehensive proof of origin, the Kosher seal is of great importance not only for people of Jewish faith or Muslims. This growing awareness opens up new markets for retailers. The increasing awareness to food, care products and their ingredients also offers attractive opportunities for large and small businesses as well as direct marketers to position themselves.

The Kosher Alliance kosher certificate programs is recognized worldwide and is supported by leading rabbis. To obtain specific additional certificates from individual countries, we cooperate with accredited partners on site - and take over the formalities for you.

Experienced, discreet and competent, we accompany you on your way to Kosher certification worldwide.

With us at your side, you can benefit from:

  • a global network of partners
  • fast and economical certification process
  • recognised certification services
  • optimal price-quality ratio
  • multi-language support of an entire process

The Kosher Alliance will help you to meet demand for authentic and safe Kosher certified food.