How to Become Kosher Certified?


How to Become Kosher Certified?

Kosher Alliance Kosher Certification is a guarantee that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. This certification also authorizes the manufacturer to display the Kosher Alliance emblem on the product to advertise its kosher status.

How to Become Kosher Certified?

The procedure for acquiring kosher certification is relatively simple. Upon receipt of your application, a representative of Kosher Alliance will evaluate your company’s ingredients and products.

Then a contract will be drafted, detailing all the requirements and obligations of both parties. All kosher requirements, as well as a list of all your ingredients and products, will be enumerated. Furthermore, the contract will outline the correct emblem authorized for each product indicating each product’s Kosher status.

A signed contract guarantees that regular visits will be made periodically by a Rabbinic field representative of the Kosher Alliance. The purpose of the Rabbi’s visit is to monitor compliance with the terms of the agreement by checking ingredients, products, labels, etc.

Kosher certification requires a detailed study of:
a) all ingredients used in the plant,
b) the method of production, and
c) all products produced there.

Kosher Alliance field representatives familiar with the food industry and ingredients will visit the plants. This completes the initial inspection phase of the certification process.

No new ingredient may be used in the plant without prior approval of Kosher Alliance. Very often, mistaken claims may be made regarding the kosher status of a particular ingredient.

If the ingredient is used without approval, it could compromise the kosher program. It is always advisable for a company to submit proposed ingredients to the Kosher Alliance as soon as possible.

Once Kosher approval is obtained for a new ingredient, it can be added to the approved list, and the company then has the choice of using it or not.