Kosher Certification Requirements


Kosher Certification Requirements

To determine the viability of your product or product line becoming Kosher certified we need to understand some very specific information about your company’s operations.

Kosher Certification Requirements

These are some questions we commonly ask during the kosher certification process:

  • Where exactly are your products made?
  • How are your products made? Do you have a flow chart that describes the production process?
  • What are all the ingredients and processing aids used in the products you wish to become Kosher certified?
  • Do you have letters of Kosher certification from your suppliers for any of your ingredients?
  • If you use a contract manufacturer what is their contact information and address? What else to your knowledge is made or packed there?
  • Have they made Kosher certified products before?
  • Where are your products packaged?
  • Does your company provide contract manufacturing services to others? If so what kind of products do you make or package for them?
  • Has your company been Kosher certified before? If so, why was the program discontinued? If you are currently Kosher certified what is the reason you are seeking a change?
  • Is your company Jewish owned in part or whole? This relates to certain technical issues regarding Jewish holidays or flour based products. There is no preferential treatment of Jewish owned companies whatsoever.

Once our experienced rabbis have the company specific information relevant to your company’s Kosher certification, we can determine if your company is eligible for kosher certification on an immediate basis.

Kosher Alliance’s information gathering processes that inform our determination of Kosher certification viability are often done electronically or over the phone. This saves our clients from filling out tedious paper applications and allows for a more responsive and timely dialogue on any issues or questions that potentially arise.

There are certain circumstances where a kosher certification organization will have to conduct an onsite Feasibility Study before offering a definitive decision on the viability of your company receiving Kosher certification.

If this circumstance arises, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee for this Feasibility Study. The cost of this fee depends on the location of the facility being reviewed.

Once we complete the Feasibility Study and determine kosher certification viability, we provide a quote regarding the cost of kosher certification for your company on an immediate basis.