What is the Purpose of a Kosher Certificate?


What is the Purpose of a Kosher Certificate?

There is a mistaken belief that certified kosher food is that which has been blessed by a rabbi. In actuality, kosher certification refers to the process by which rabbinical experts verify that products are made in accordance with kosher law.

What is the Purpose of a Kosher Certificate?

The certifying agency tracks and monitors this status through record-keeping of processes and ingredients, as well as periodic audits to the manufacturing facility, and more.

A kosher certificate confirms that a product is properly vetted and monitored from the perspective of kosher law. It also alerts customers to any specific kosher category the product might fall under, such as dairy, meat or Passover status.

For businesses, kosher certification is a regulatory seal which increases the appeal of their products in the wider market, and is a huge selling point. Products are endorsed as kosher by us only when bearing the Kosher Alliance symbol on the label.

By far, kosher certified products represent the fastest-growing food and beverage sector worldwide. It’s valued at $19.1 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $25.6 billion by 2026.

And placed side-by-side on the shelf, kosher products sell 20% better than competing non-kosher brands.