What Is a Kosher Kitchen?


What Is a Kosher Kitchen?

In order to function as a kosher kitchen, there must be room to prepare meat and dairy products separately.

What Is a Kosher Kitchen?

In most modern kitchens, separate counter space is maintained, and some even have separate sinks, dishwashers and/or ovens.

A kosher kitchen is a kitchen in which food is prepared according to the Jewish kosher dietary laws.

Some basic elements of the kosher kitchen:

  • Meat and dairy are kept strictly separate.
  • Only kosher ingredients are used.
  • Any traces of non-kosher have been purged from the kitchen utensils and surfaces before they can be used.
  • In a commercial setting, careful watch is maintained to ensure that everything remains kosher.

While prep space can theoretically be shared, it is imperative to have (at least) two sets of utensils, since the same pot or ladle cannot be used for both meat and dairy.

Some people may have utensils (and a work space) designated parve, which is used with neither milk nor meat, meaning anything prepared there can later be enjoyed with a meat meal or a dairy meal.