Our Rabbi

Rabbi Yasef Nahum

"Alliance President"
Rabbi Yasef Nahum

Rabbi Yasef Nahum is Chairman of the International Othodox Rabbinate Kosher Alliance (KOSHER ALLIANCE), which is responsible for administering, maintaining and establishing the kashrus standards that govern the Kosher Alliance.

Rabbi Yasef Nahum has gained many qualifications including various smichot (rabbinic ordination), Bachelor of Talmudic Law and Certificate in Kosher Supervision from the International Kosher Institute.

He also contributes to many other areas of the Kosher Alliance including the website, IT, marketing and community projects such as running educational projects on the subject of kosher and representing Kosher Alliance at community events and exhibitions.

Kosher, according to Judaism; These are products that have no religious objection to being eaten and used. The rules that determine these are called kasherut or kashrut rules. According to Judaism; The list of animals that are allowed or forbidden to be eaten is given in the Torah.


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