Kosher Alliance

The Kosher Alliance is unique among all other kosher organizations, as it is part of a non-profit communal organization, so that it can maintain the highest levels of integrity without any possible conflict of interest.

The Kosher Alliance is one of the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification organization, certifying over thousands of products all over the world. The Kosher Alliance does much more than ensure the highest standards of kosher certification.

The Kosher Alliance kosher certification programs immediately and universally enhances your product, raising the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.

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What is Kosher Certification?

Kosher certification programs delivers a global solution that is practical to implement, comparable in standard and quality to other recognized food schemes.

Kosher symbols on food are increasingly common sight. An estimated one million products are Kosher certified, and consumers spend over USD 200 billion annually on them. Kosher food certification gives you access to a market that has grown more than 15% in recent years and continues to expand.

Kosher Certification for food, dietary supplements, cosmetic products, etc. documents the accordance to specific purity requirements stipulated in of Halakha in accordance with globally recognised standards.

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Why Get Kosher Certified?

The demand for kosher certified products has been growing very quickly. Over the past several years, sales of kosher certified products have grown at an annual rate of 15%. Furthermore, nearly 80% of all kosher food sales are sold outside of the "Traditional" Jewish market. More than 500,000 products are currently certified kosher and consumers spend over $165 billion on these kosher products annually.

How to Become Kosher Certified?

The procedure for acquiring kosher certification is relatively simple. Upon receipt of your application, a representative of Kosher Alliance will evaluate your company’s ingredients and products.

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